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My newair A1200ss stopped making ice. i tried recycling the unit and it has ample water, but the ice tray just stays in the down position. thanks.

Posted by acpattersoni on Nov 29, 2008

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My newair A1200ss stopped making ice. i tried recycling the unit and it has ample water, but the ice tray just stays in the down position. thanks.

Try cleaning off the metal sensors in the bottom of the water holder - that fixed mine with the same "low water" indicator.
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When I start the machine, the water flows about 20 seconds after the tray is full? The cubes are about 1/2 normal size when a cycle is finished. It will stop before a complete tray of ice is made, usually after 5 or 6 cycles.

Hello,There are several causes that may be attached to this problem, and common solutions to them, are as follows: Shut off the ice maker dispenser completely. Look behind the appliance. You'll see a long, narrow tube. This tube is the ice maker dispenser water line. Disconnect the ice maker dispenser water line from the unit. Flush the ice maker dispenser water line with hot water. Examine the water line for dirt, mold and clogs. Clean the tube thoroughly. If the ice maker dispenser water line is very dirty or completely blocked, replace it with a new ice maker dispenser water line tube. If you can unblock and thoroughly clean it, replace. Turn the ice maker dispenser back on. Wait for it to cycle another round of ice. The ice being dispensed from the ice maker dispenser should be the correct size pieces. If the ice from the ice maker dispenser is still small, continue to the next steps. Place a freezer thermometer in the freezer section of the appliance. Allow it to read the temperature. Read the thermometer. Adjust the freezer temperature to 8 F degrees or less to allow the ice maker dispenser to completely cycle. If the temperature is too high, the ice maker dispenser won't be able to do its job and completely cycle. Cubes will be smaller than they're supposed to be when spit out by the ice maker dispenser unit.
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We've owned our NewAir AI-210SS ice maker for a little over year. Last night it quit working. I removed the shroud and the servo motor and discovered the plastic "ears" that connect the servo motor to the tray assembly were broken. How do I repair it?

I'll just offer some "bailing wire and duct tape" advice, so to speak, since I've never seen this device. Sometimes manufacturers supply replacement parts, but some things come assembled, so you might end up buying, basically, more than might be needed. If you can use some JB Weld on the plastic parts, without impeding the servo drive, it might be worth a try. JB weld is meant to be applied in thin layers, on both parts to be glued- let them set about 5 minutes...then push them together, hold them in place, and let it cure for at least 24 hours. I've fixed a lot of things like this, however, some torque pressure can overcome the epoxy, in which case parts have to be replaced. Here's some reviews, and some people say that the units last about a year: Here's an excerpt from I have the AI-210 Stainless Steel model. It worked fine for a few months then shut down and gave no flow water or water sensor bad light on front panel. I checked the water level and check for an obstruction blocking the inlet. I found nothing. I emailed Air N Water and asked about authorized repair/service shops. I also asked about parts as I do have extensive experience in the electro-mechanical field from an early career as an instrument tech with the Air Force. They answered my email by saying there was no repair centers. They also didn't have any part numbers and you couldn't order them, but if they had one laying around I could buy it. I tore this unit apart trying to figure it out and decided to change the pump. I actually researched the internet for a half-day and found a near exact pump used in the thing--sheer luck. Guess what, it's an aquarium pump. So I ordered it. It took forever to get the tubing connected--lot's of spilled water. I re-read the manual. I went to their FaceBook account and looked for hint there. Finally, I gave up and just order another one (different brand with service support of course). In process of putting the thing back together, I stuck a straw in the tubing from the pump to the resevoir. Oops, obstruction??? I pushed harder and out popped a thimble-sized plastic mesh filter. Guess what--it was clogged. The manual neither shows this thing nor describes it. I could have pulled it out in about 3 minutes and been back in business. So--no support. I can't recommend this thing at all, but after dinking around for over a week, I just heard ice cubes drop in the binn. Sounds like parts are just not readily available, unless you can just stumble across one at a garage sail or thrift shop. Wish I had better news, but good luck, and thanks for using FixYa.
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I need a new lid for my Richmond Cedar Work Manufacturing, Sterling Freezer 5 Quart ice cream maker. I understand that Rival bought them out and the motorised 8550-X unit looks like it might have the same lid. The lid turns the cannister and the paddle stays stationary. Do you know where I can purchase a new lid for this ice cream maker? Thanks - Stevo

Yes, the Rival 8550 and RCW 5-qt lids are the same. They're sometimes available here:
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The lid will not lock and stay on during churning

Here is a link to the manual if you need it; It sounds like somehow the little locking lugs on either the lid or the bit it locks to have broken off. if it is the lid, then you should be able to get a new one from cuisinart - check the manual for details, otherwise you probably have to either try and rebuild them by carving another piece of plastic the same and glueing it on. a new body piece may be available, check with cuisinart, but my guess is that you are stuck with tape - or my idea would be a large rubber/elastic band, so you can re-use it. Hope this helps :)
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Ice-cream maker doesn't fit together

Do a 1/2 to 2/3 batch. Put a book and a soup can on top of the mixing arm to keep it down.The machine does make wonderful Ice cream, however it is noisy and fiddly. Do not try the full batch as it just doesn't work. I find doing 2 half size batches works best. Also find a spare room to run the noisy beast in.
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I have a Taylor Ice cream machine model #750-27 seral #J5012108 The machine runs too long causing ice cream to either not come out or be very slow. When it does cut off it will stay off several hrs. & ice cream is too wet. Where is the thermostat or thermister? How can I get a wiring schematic & parts break-down? Thanks Mike

Hello Mike. I can assist you. Here is the entire downloadable manual. It includes the wiring schematic and parts break-down. Your issues are covered in the troubleshooting section. good luck with it Mike.
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Simple Vanilla Ice Cream from recipe booklet is still staying liquidy. Have done everything as instructed. Ingredients are well chilled and ice cream bucket has been in the freezer for two days. Have had machine on for 45 mins. Will be returning....luckily trying this out for a would not be able to wait!

Your freezer is not cold enough. I had a heck of a time with this machine the first few attempts, when I was in storing it in my main freezer (less cold than the one in my garage). Then i froze the bowl in my garage freezer - it is set to below 32 degrees Farenheit and is designed for long-term storage (gives anything I put in it major freezer burn). When the freezer is set to a low enough temperature, you will find that even 14 minutes is plenty of time to acheive the desired ice cream consistency in the ICE-45 (without having to pre-chill the ingredients). Other things to check: Make sure you are using heavy whipping cream and not half-and-half or other substitute. Make sure that you wait until you are ready to pour the ingredients into the bowl BEFORE taking the bowl out of the freezer.
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